Hi, I'm Chelsea.

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Jubilee Austen Project

The Jubilee Austen site is a static, single-page portfolio site that I coded from extracting images and information from a Photoshop PSD. This was my first assignment in my Skillcrush HTML/CSS course, and it helped me get my feet wet in the web development & design world.

rogue pickings project image
Rogue Pickings Website

The Rogue Pickings site is a static, single-page website that I coded from scratch. In this project, I replicated the HTML & CSS structure from a Photoshop image. This project helped me further develop my coding skills, and experiment with new design elements and DevTools.

About Me

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I'm a creative visionary who appreciates clean, organized code & elegant, eye-catching design. Learning how to code was never something I thought I'd be interested in pursuing as a career, but now that I am...I'm hooked for life! When I'm not perfecting my coding skills or building awesome websites, I enjoy working in my vegetable and flower gardens.

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